Our Approach To Yoga

YOGA CD - Apr 29, 03 041Physical Exercises & Relaxation

Physical exercise and relaxation are the foundation of success in yoga practice. Before we attempt to increase our life energy, relaxation  teach us to preserve the energy we already have by dissolving  unnecessary physical and mental tensions. At the same time, we learn how  to become more sensitive to our bodies and understand its strengths and  needs.

Physical exercises begin with gentle exercises designed for everybody.  These gentle but effective exercises strengthen muscles, increase  flexibility of the spine and joints, improve blood circulation and body  posture. Good for all, they prepare us to successfully progress towards  more advanced yoga Asanas (postures). A sense of improved health, a  feeling of freshness and an increase of life energy are some of the
resulting benefits.

Attention to Breathing

Attention to breathing while exercising takes our yoga practice to higher levels. Reestablishing often long-lost natural, slow, deep  breathing while practising yoga , then carried over into our daily life  as a habit, has a strong positive effect on our health and overall sense  of well-being. Advanced yoga starts when control of life energies
through breathing techniques is brought to perfection.

DSC_1778Mental Aspect and Meditation

The mental aspect and meditation have their special importance in  yoga. As happiness in life is a mental state achieved from the outside  as well as from the inside, we strive for balance at all times. Peace of  mind while exercising yoga is the foremost important requirement,  whether one decides to proceed with meditation or concentrate on the
physical aspect of yoga.

Meditation then takes us on a journey through self-knowledge and  self-acceptance towards the final destination of self-realization. There  we find our centre within, develop understanding, love and compassion  for others, and discover the power and radiance of our inner self.

While our physical and mental sides are inseparable, through regular  practice, we develop them evenly, achieving greater health, peace of  mind and a strong base for personal and spiritual development.