New To Yoga

DSC_1795If you are new to yoga or have not been physically active lately, here are some suggestions to help prepare you for the classes. As you introduce yoga to your body and mind, they will go through a period of adjustment. During the process of learning and practising the exercises, you will encounter your personal limits, which can be physical or psychological which you will have to take into consideration. These can manifest as restlessness, lack of patience or insensitivity to your body.

You will learn to overcome these limitations gradually, over a longer period of time. Try to be sensitive to yourself as you exercise. Exceeding your personal limits could bring about negative results, such as pain, stiffness, irritation and discouragement. Experienced yoga practitioners will know their response and limits, and will try to expand them sensitively, with great care and understanding.

If pain occurs during the exercises, it could mean that you either went too far or held the position too long and need to take a rest. It could also mean that the particular exercise is not suitable for your present physical condition and you may need to modify it, or perhaps omit it for the time being. In yoga, it is believed  “NO PAIN, MOST GAIN”.