Covid19 Update

We Are Going Virtual

Empty Studio

Effective Monday, March 16, 2020 we are teaching all classes online. Please do not show up to the studio, it will look like the picture in this post. If you are registered for a class, you will receive an email from the studio before your class with a link to log into the online class. You can use your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop to join the class – any device.

If you wish to do a “drop in” or a make up, email the studio at  to make arrangements. You will need to do that hours before the class to give us time to add you to the class.

New students are welcome to “drop in” one of our classes. Just email the studio at  to make arrangements.

New for the Summer and Fall Sessions

We will continue with streaming the live classes online through Zoom and in addition we will give an option to join the class in person (up to 6 people). As there is the limit of maximum 6 people per class we will be accepting the requests on first come first served bases. If you decide to join the classes in person please note that the instructor will be in front of the camera guiding the class online and will not be able to adjust you or give you personal attention during class. If you decide to join the classes in the studio you will receive an e-mail with additional safety information.

Information for participants in our classes that will be coming to the studio:

  • Please do your best to arrive on time for the class.
  • Due to the ongoing street construction in front of the studio please use only the back entrance to the studio. The door will be locked, knock and wait for the instructor to let you enter.
  • Use a hand sanitizer or wash your hands upon entry and do the same after the class.
  • If you feel ill or notice any symptoms resembling Covid 19 please do not come to the studio, instead contact us and we will send you a link for the class online.
  • If you have traveled outside of the country please follow the rules about self-isolation recommended by health authorities.
  • Come prepared and help reduce the need for use of bathrooms/change rooms.
  • Bring your own props. If you intend to use studio props you will be required to sanitize them after the class.

As we are presently live streaming the classes online please be aware that a large portion of the studio is taken up by video equipment.

If you are presently registered for a  class and have not received any information online, please contact us through e-mail

These are difficult times. We are doing all we can to help you keep your practice going.

We wish us all a successful passage through this difficult time.

On behalf of all the instructors and with much love,

Jana and Diane

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