Newsletter – June 19, 2020

Greetings from Yoga on Corydon

Yoga in the Park – June 13

Hope you are all enjoying the nice sunny days. I like to get the fall classes organized ahead of the time so you can all make plans especially if you are not joining the summer session. We are going to continue with the classes online while allowing a limited number of people in the studio in each class. Please notice that there are a few changes in the schedule (they are underlined).

The dates for the fall session:
September 8 – October 31 (we will be closed on September 6 and 7)

Class times:

Sunday 10:30-11:45am Yin with Diane
Monday 9:45-11am Beginner with Jana
Monday 1:15-2:30 Beginner with Diane
Monday 6:15-7:45pm Beginner with Jana
Tuesday 9:45-11am Beginner/Intermediate with Jana
Tuesday 12:15-1:15am Gentle with Diane
Tuesday 6-7:15pm beginner/Intermediate with Jana
Tuesday 7:45-9pm Beginner with Diane
Wednesday 9:45-11am Beginner/Intermediate with Jana
(no class on Wednesdays at 1:15pm)
Wednesday 4:45-6pm Beginner with Jana
Wednesday 7:45-9pm Yin with Diane
Thursday 9:45-11am Beginner with Jana
Thursday 12:15-1:15pm Beginner/Gentle with Diane
Thursday 6-7:15pm Beginner with Jana
Thursday 7:45-9pm Intermediate/Advanced with Jana
Friday 9:45-11am Beginner with Jana
Saturday 10-11:15am All levels with Jodi

Fees: For 8 weeks (Sunday and Monday classes 7 weeks)
1 class a week:
8 week session Tuesdays – Saturdays  $92.40
($83.16 with senior’s 65+ or student’s discount)
7 weeks  Sundays and Mondays classes $80.85
($72.77 with senior’s 65+ or student’s discount)

2 classes a week:
$168 ($151.20 with discount)
If one class is on Monday or Sunday $157.50 ($141.75 with discount)

Drop-in $14.70 ($13.23 with discount)

Fees for less than 8 weeks will be prorated:
$12.60 per class coming once a week ($11.34 with discount)
$21 per week coming twice a week ($18.90 with discount)

You can register by sending or dropping off a cheque, by credit card over the phone or e-transfer to

Enjoy the summer!

See you in September.


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Newsletter – June 9, 2020

Greetings from Yoga on Corydon

Summer is here and with it our new schedule.

Yoga In The Park – June 13

We will continue with streaming the live classes online through Zoom and in addition we will give an option to join the class in person (up to 6 people). As there is the limit of maximum 6 people per class we will be accepting the requests on first come first served bases. If you decide to join the classes in person please note that the instructor will be in front of the camera guiding the class online and will not be able to adjust you or give you personal attention during class. If you decide to join the classes in the studio you will receive an e-mail with additional safety information.

10 week session June 30 – September 3 (open on July 1)
Tuesday      9:30-10:45am      All level class with Diane
Tuesday      11:00-12:00pm    Gentle yoga with Diane
Tuesday       6:30-7:45pm       All level class with Jodi
Wednesday  1:15-2:30pm      All level class with Diane
Wednesday  7:30-8:45pm      Yin class with Diane
Thursday      9:45-11:00am     All level class with Tracy
Thursday      7:30-8:45pm      All level class with Jodi

Fees for 10 weeks ( all prices include GST)
1 class a week :     $115.50       Senior’s (65+) and student’s: $103.95
2 classes a week:  $210.00     Senior’s (65+) and student’s: $ 189.00
Drop-in fee:             $14.70       Senior’s (65+) and student’s  $ 13.23

Fees for less that 10 weeks will be prorated.
You can choose any amount of weeks
$ 12.60/ 1 class a week – ($ 11.34 with discount)
$ 23.10/ 2classes a week – ($ 20.79 with discount)

You can register for the classes through an e-mail and pay the fees by e-transfer to, call with credit card information or drop off a cheque at the studio.

Diane, Tracy and Jodi are looking forward to working with you.

I will be off for the months of July and August and will look forward to connecting with you in the fall.

Have a nice summer,


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Yin Yoga / Stretch & Relax – by Diane

YinYoga 1Diane’s Stretch & Relax classes feature a slow-paced style of yoga known as Yin Yoga.

The Yin yoga classes are scheduled throughout the week. Please go to Class Schedules to find the most suitable class for you.

Yin Yoga is a practice that targets the deep connective tissues of the body – ligaments, bones and joints.  Poses are typically held for minutes at a time and generally target the pelvis, hips and lower spine.  A regular Yin practice is a great balance to active yoga styles, regulating the flow of energy in the body, releasing tension and developing a greater range of motion in the body.

YinYoga2The pictures on this page are from the Sunday morning class. The students are in a hip/groin opening posture called the Tadpole.YinYoga3






Yogis In The Wild

Most Yogis like the outdoors, and Jana and Diane are no exception. This past summer they were able to enjoy some holidays at the lake, where they kept up their daily exercises.