2 New CDs for Sale

We are proud to announce that we have just released 2 new audio CDs to help you in your yoga practice.  The CDs are available in the studio.

Yoga Practice CD                                                          Relaxation CD
1 hour, 15 minutes                                                         35 minutes
$17.70                                                                            $12.95



New Stretch and Relax Class with Diane

DSC_2054Beginning September 2, we will be introducing a new “Stretch and Relax” class with Diane Froese, our new instructor, on Sunday mornings from 10:45 to 12:00 noon.

This will be a slow gentle class with a focus on calming breath practices, focused relaxation techniques and meditation. Yoga poses will include Yin or deep tissue stretches and restorative or supported postures.

For learn more about Diane, visit our Meet the Instructors page.

Free Introductory Classes

DSC_1540We are having a free introductory class on:

  • Friday, October 24 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Please call us at 204-284-8877, or e-mail yogaoncorydon@gmail.com for more information, and to register.